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8 Best Pool Cues For Advanced Players To Consider For Your Next Game

Big Cat Cues

As you are reaching a high level of pool play, choosing a pool cue that not only fits your skills but also helps you improve precision and power is a serious matter.

Understanding those worries, this article will show you how to choose a proper pool stick. Besides, you will find the list of the best pool cues for advanced players with all necessary details, ensuring you have the edge you need.

How to Choose the Best Pool Cues for Advanced Players?

Selecting the proper pool cues for advanced players will be more complicated than choosing the best ones for beginners. This selection requires careful consideration of several factors.

Advanced players have higher expectations in choosing playing equipment, so finding a pool stick that matches their gaming preferences and level is essential. Here are some steps to help you choose the best players pool sticks.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget

The first step you have to go through is deciding how much you're willing to spend on the pool cue. An advanced-level cue frequently has premium materials and excellent finishes. Therefore, it can range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand, so knowing your budget will help to determine the right direction.

Step 2: Choose the Right Material

The material of the cue affects its performance. The most common materials for pool cues are wood (typically maple) and carbon fiber. Wood cues are traditional and provide a classic feel, while carbon fiber cues are known for their strength and low deflection.

Nowadays, a top-notch quality pool cue for advanced players, particularly the shaft, is normally crafted from hard rock maple wood with straight grains.

Step 3: Consider the Cue's Weight

The cue's weight is a personal preference, but advanced players often prefer a light pool cue. Standard weights range from 18 to 21 ounces. Try out pool cues of different weights to find the one that is most comfortable for you.

Step 4: Select a Tip

The cue tip is crucial for control and spin. You have to consider the cue tip’s size, hardness and material because these criterias will strongly affect your cues performance. Finding the best pool cue tips based on your playing skills and style.

Typically, billiard cue tips come in 12mm and 14mm diameters. Advanced players prefer a closer hitting surface and can produce more spin on the ball with a cue tip with a smaller diameter. You can choose soft, medium and hard tips following your preferences. In addition, advanced players often prefer a high-quality layered leather tip.

Step 5: Evaluate the Shaft

The shaft is where a lot of the magic happens. Look for a cue with a low-deflection shaft, which helps reduce cue ball deflection when applying side spin to the cue ball. Advanced players typically prefer low-deflection sticks.

Step 6: Test the Balance

Check the balance point of the cue. A balanced cue stick can make your shots more consistent and comfortable. It's a matter of personal preference, but many advanced players like a cue with a balanced feel.

Step 7: Consider Wrap Material

The wrap is part of the cue where your hand rests. You can choose between various materials, such as leather, Irish linen, or rubber. Advanced players often prefer a wrap that provides a good grip without being too sticky or slippery.

professional pool cue

Step 8: Check Brand Reputation

Look for cues from reputable manufacturers with a long history of producing high-quality pool cues. Some best pool cue brands for advanced players such as Big Cat, Viking, Cuetec, etc.

Step 9: Try Before You Buy

Visit a local billiards store and try out several cues. Testing them in person lets you get a feel for the cue's weight, balance, and overall comfort. Pay attention to the cue's feedback and responsiveness.

Step 10: Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations

Read reviews and recommendations from other advanced players or your local billiards community. They can provide valuable insights into the cues they prefer.

Some advanced players may prefer custom cues tailored to their specifications. These can be pricier options but allow you to have a pool cue that perfectly suits your playing style.

8 Best Advanced Pool Cues for Players

Pool cue name



Big Cat Paint III Azure Tide

  • Length: 58”
  • Joint/ Pin: 5/16 x 18
  • Tip: Big Cat Professional Leather tip
  • Tip size: 12.5mm 
  • Material: Grade A Canadian Maple
  • Unique blue-based color
  • Perfectly match with professional and fashionable pool game


Big Cat Paint V Gauntlet Red

  • Length: 58”
  • Joint/ Pin: 5/16 x 18
  • Tip: Big Cat high-quality leather tip
  • Tip size: 12.5mm 
  • Material: Solid Canadian Maple
  • Stand out with Gauntlet Red design
  • Kindle a strong sense of resolve


Big Cat I Red Silver

  • Length: 58”
  • Joint/ Pin: 5/16 x 18
  • Tip: Premium leather tip
  • Tip size: 12.5mm 
  • Material: Canadian Maple
  • Classic pool cue featuring a dark tone of silver
  • Vivid red color mixed with white handle
  • Exceptionally robust and long-lasting design


Big Cat VI Grey Silver

  • Length: 29”
  • Joint/ Pin: 5/16 x 18
  • Tip: Top-notch leather tip
  • Tip size: 12.5mm 
  • Material: Durable Canadian Maple
  • Unique grey handle combined with classic design
  • High-quality materials give durable performance


KONLLEN Carbon Fiber

  • Length: 58”
  • Joint/ Pin: 3/8 x 8
  • Tip: Multi-layer tip, TT-PC ferrule
  • Tip size: 12 mm 
  • Material:Low-deflection carbon fiber
  • Cutting-edge materials, extended longevity, elegant craftsmanship, and a weight bolt system
  • Excited feeling in each shot

$275 - $330

Viking Valhalla 100 Series

  • Length: 58”
  • Joint/ Pin: 5/16 x 18
  • Tip: Leather tip
  • Tip size: 13 mm 
  • Material: High-grade maple wood
  • Over 100 unique designs and colors
  • Two-piece pool cue, solid material, 13mm leather tip

Around $100

Cuetec Prestige Series 58

  • Length: 58”
  • Joint: no collar joint
  • Tip: Multi-layer tip with modern polycarbonate ferrule
  • Tip size: 13mm
  • Material: Canadian maple
  • Enhance shot stability and power significantly
  • Utilize the weight bolt system for quick and easy weight adjustments

Around $350

Players Purex  HXTE14 Cue

  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 29”
  • Joint: 5/16x18
  • Tip: Kamui black tip
  • Tip size: 12.75 mm
  • Material: 100% North American hard rock maple
  • Simplified control and handling

Around $245

Big Cat Paint III Azure Tide

Big Cat Paint III Azure Tide is the best pool cue for advanced players in the collection of Paint Brush with a deep blue color. Its distinctive design blends professionalism and style into your game.

Big Cat Paint III is the perfect selection if you're searching for a cue color that elegantly embodies confidence, reliability, and stability.



  • Long-lasting
  • Exclusive design and style
  • Solid Canadian maple
  • High-grade leather tip
  • Unique color
  • Unstable balance with interchangeable pool cue weights
  • Potential damage of leather tip

Big Cat Paint V Gauntlet Red

Big Cat Cue provides stylish and uncompromising quality pool cues named Big Cat Paint 5 Gauntlet Red. Its stand-out appearance will grab all the attention at your next pool game. Also, it can boost your excitement and give you a feeling of unwavering resolve and confidence in the game.



  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Diverse color options
  • Professional pool cue leather tip
  • Canadian maple shaft
  • Humidity and temperature changes can impact the quality of the cue shaft
  • Less suitable for someone who love traditional cue style

Big Cat I Red Silver

Big Cat I Red River is one of the remarkable designs in the Timeless Legacy premium pool cues collection. It features a deep silver hue with a match of vibrant red accents and a white handle.

Big Cat I Red River will satisfy you with unique crafting techniques that blend modern and traditional methods. Moreover, it will bring you a lifetime of premium shots and improve your game thanks to its solid Canadian material and leather tip.



  • Unique classic design
  • Exceptional durability
  • Good balance and control
  • Interchangeable pool cue weights
  • Superb leather tip and reliable material
  • Limited quantities available.
  • Requires careful maintenance, especially the tip material

Big Cat VI Grey Silver

The Big Cat VI presents an elegant design for a pool cue, blending shades of gray and silver, resulting in a classic yet fashionable appearance. Constructed from top-notch materials, the Big Cat VI guarantees enduring performance, maintaining your proficiency in the game of pool.



  • Reasonable budget
  • Superior and stable cue
  • Robust material
  • Exceptional leather pool cue tip
  • The elegant design may restrict customization for players desiring unique inlays, wraps, or color choices
  • Players with specific weight preferences may find a fixed-weight cue unsuitable

KONLLEN Carbon Fiber

best pool cues

KONLLEN is a century-old brand renowned for its innovation in pool cues. Crafted from carbon fiber, this pool cue model boasts shock resistance, resistance to warping, sweat absorption, dust repellency, and waterproof qualities. These features distinguish it from conventional cues. 

Also, the KONLLEN Carbon Fiber cue stands out for its unmatched stability and unwavering durability.



  • Low-deflection carbon fiber
  • Smooth, stable, and accurate shot
  • Adjustable weight bolt
  • Anti-dust and waterproof cue
  • Hard tip
  • Uncomfortable playing at first for some players

Viking Valhalla 100 Series

best pool cues for professional

Viking Valhalla 100 Series is the most impressive pool cue offered by Viking, one of the world's top brands. They offer more than 100 exceptional pool cues with various styles to cater to all preferences and playing forms. This pool cue model also perfectly matches all genders.



  • Ideal for all pool games: casual and competitive
  • Easy to transport
  • Excellent packaging and warranty support
  • Suitable for all genders
  • The finish may fade over time
  • It might not entertain those players who appreciate the resonance of solid cue tips

Cuetec Prestige Series 58

players pool stick

The Cuetec Prestige Series is one of the most durable pool cue selections. Over your pool game journey, this pool cue can remain shiny, straight, and well-balanced. It is a vital addition to the pool cue collection of seasoned players.



  • Adjustable cue weight
  • Long-lasting and highly stable
  • Attractive design
  • Wear resistant Canadian Maple
  • Limited availability as adjustment system sold separately
  • Lack of traditional feel

Players Purex HXTE14 Cue

best professional pool cues

The Players HXTE14 Cue is a champion pool cue crafted under the Purex brand by Players and originating from China. It is a top-tier performance cue stick. 

Boasting a classic, light-hued appearance, it has garnered favorable feedback from intermediate and advanced players in exceptional handling and control.



  • Excellence balance for delivering perfect strokes
  • Various colors and designs
  • Cost-effective cue
  • High-end pool cue
  • Unfamiliar pool cue brand
  • Potential distractions with diverse colors


What is the most used pool cue by professionals?

Big Cat VI Grey Silver is the most used professional pool cue, featuring a top-notch material and elegant design. This pool cue provides a lifetime performance for players, being the best choice on the top of the list. You can own a superior and stable pool cue with an affordable budget.

What type of pool cues do professionals use?

Professional pool players often use custom-made or high-end production pool cues that can match their specific preferences and playing styles. Some key features of best pool cues for professionals include customization, low-deflection shafts, high-quality tips, and balanced weight.

The list of 8 mentioned pool cues can perfectly meet the billiard cue requirements for professionals.

What is the world's best pool cue?

There isn't a single "best" pool cue in the world because the ideal pool cue leans on personal preferences, playing style, and skill level. For example, you can find the suggested list of the best pool cues for advanced players in this article or select from here the best intermediate pool sticks

In general, choosing the best pool cues for advanced players is crucial to elevate their game. The eight options we've explored above offer a range of features, styles, and customization to suit various preferences.

Whether you prioritize precision, design, or durability, there's a cue on this list for you to choose. So, investing in the right pool cue is the driving force to change your performance and enjoyment on the pool table.

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