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An Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right Pool Cue Weights

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A pool cue is an essential pool game element that significantly impacts winning and losing outcomes. Along with other characteristics of a pool cue, its weight is also crucial to consider. Whether you play pool or snooker, you must choose a cue with the proper weight. This article will give an ultimate guide to choosing the right pool cue weights.

Why Does Pool Cue Weight Matter?

As mentioned earlier, many components decide whether the pool cue you have is a good one or not. They include pool cue tips, material, length, etc. However, pool stick weight still plays a vital role.

The amount of effort required to generate a specific amount of power and the degree of control you have over the cue depends on the weight of pool cue. While some players find lighter sticks easier to handle and add spin with, others find heavier cues more precise and steady.

The best way is to experiment with different cues in the store. Doing so lets you become familiar with the various weights and choose which is best for you. The cue weight most comfortable for you will be the finest choice because it will enable you to play at your peak level.

What Cue Stick Weight Should I Go For?

We suggest you choose the pool cue's weight depending on your skill.

The standard pool cue weight commonly falls within the 18, 19, 20, and 21-ounce range, with a 1/2-ounce gap in between. Every producer of pool cues utilizes that as the industry standard. However, this rule has several exceptions, and some pool cues may weigh more than 21 ounces or less than 18 ounces.

If you use a lighter-weight pool stick, around 18 or 19 ounces, the object ball will enter the pocket slowly, and the cue ball will be highly energetic. The reason is because a lighter cue stick produces greater snap.

On the other hand, the object ball enters the pocket more quickly, and the cue ball moves more slowly if you use a pool cue that weighs heavier, such as a 21-ounce cue. 

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Types Of Pool Stick Weights

We can categorize different pool stick weights into 2 main types: heavier and lighter pool cues. Each type has its advantages and drawbacks.

Heavier Pool Cue


  • Enable you to produce more force with less effort. 
  • Be more forgiving
  • It is simpler to hold straight throughout the stroke.


  • Heavier cues will result in faster cue balls but less control over direction following object ball contact.
  • There is less maximum tip offset and maximum spin with heavier sticks.
  • The ball does not leave the tip quickly enough while using a heavier cue, resulting in double hits, pushes, or miscues.

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Lighter Pool Cue


  • It is easier to generate more spin.
  • Allows you to move your arms faster.
  • Gives people greater freedom and may indirectly lead to more off-line strokes.


  • Needs more effort to generate speed
  • Requires more techniques to control the cue ball

What Are The Pool Cue Weights For Different Pool Games?

American Pool

The typical weight range for full-size American pool cues (57′′–58′′) is between 16 oz. and 21 oz. (0.45–0.60 kg). A stick weighing 16 to 17 ounces is considered fairly light, and one weighing more than 19 ounces is considered extremely heavy.

English Pool

The average weight of a full-size English pool cue (57′′) is between 16 and 20 oz. (0.45–0.57 kg). 36" sticks in junior sizes weigh about 10-12 oz, 42" cues weigh about 14-16 oz, and 48" cues weigh about 15-17 oz.

A cue weighing 16 oz or less is reasonably light, and one weighing more than 18 oz is rather heavy.


Snooker cues that are full size (57′′–58′′) typically weigh between 17 oz and 20 oz. (0.48–0.57 kg). A stick weighing 17 oz or less is relatively light, and one weighing more than 19 oz is heavy.

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Top High-Quality Pool Cues With Standard Weights

Equipment is essential in every sport if you want to succeed. And the pool is no exception to this. Therefore, spending money on a high-quality cue with an adjustable weight will make the game much easier for you to play, and increase your enjoyment. You may find some good options in our list below from one of the best pool cue brands in the US- Big Cat:

Pool Cue Name



Big Cat II Black Red Black

  • Interchangeable weight pool cue
  • Stylish design with mixture of classic red and mystery black
  • Well protected from damage with long lasting crating materials
  • Balance and Control

Big Cat III Blue Black

  • Interchangeable Weight Pool Cue
  • Timeless Classic Design with blue/black color scheme and a white handle, a style that will withstand the test of time
  • Focus on durability and long lasting performance
  • Premium quality at affordable price

Big Cat Paint II Dynamite Blue

  • Interchangeable Weights 
  • Reflect your individuality and artistic sensibility
  • Bring a refreshing experience that we keep you engaged and excited during the game
  • Big Cat Exclusive Design Pool Cue

Big Cat Paint III Azure Tide

  • Interchangeable Weights 
  • Big Cat Exclusive Designed Pool Cue with a unique color
  • Present confidence, responsibility and stability
  • Perfectly match in a professional and fashionable pool game

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Weight Cue Do Pro Pool Players Use?

Professional pool stick weights typically range between 19 and 19.5 ounces. This weight is the average for pool cues, with a usual range of 18 to 21 ounces and frequently available half-ounce increments.

Although heavier cues give you more force, regulating the cue ball's speed is harder. More "touch" but less "power" can be achieved by adding additional light signals. Between force and control, 19oz strikes an ideal balance.

Why Do Pool Cues Have Different Weights?

Pool cues must be available in various weights to accommodate players of varying skill levels and game styles. But these days, most premium pool cues are made with adjustable weight, making it more straightforward to choose your stick.

What Is The Difference Between 19 Oz and 20 Oz Cue?

If you use a lighter stick (18–19 oz), your shot will have more "snap", and your cue ball will move around more quickly while your object ball enters the pocket more slowly. The cue ball will be slower and enter the pocket more slowly with a heavier cue (20–21 oz).

What Weight Pool Cue For Beginners?

An 18–19 oz cue is typically the best pool cue weights for beginners. This average cue weight is regarded as being in the middle range and can help you develop good technique while retaining accuracy and control of the cue ball.

In general, choosing the right pool cue weight is necessary for players of any level. It can be your strength or weakness during the competition. Try to test different pool stick weights in-store and get the most suitable for you. This pool cue weight guide will provide all the information needed to choose the right one and win the game.

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