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12 Best Pool Cue Brands: Top-Rated In 2024

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Pool cues are essential for any serious pool player, and choosing the right brand can significantly improve your pool game outcomes. Starting from 2024, several pool cue brands stand out for their craftsmanship, innovation, and overall quality. Here, we've compiled a list of the 12 best pool cue brands making waves in the pool table community.

12 Best Pool Cue Brands in 2024

Big Cat 

best pool cue brands

Big Cat is among the rarest cue stick brands. They focus on drawing inspiration from the strength and agility of big cats for their design style and product quality. With over 15 years of experience, Big Cat is one of the best pool cue brands in the market. Each cue is carefully handmade from the best Canadian Maple wood, making it firm and stylish.

Whether you're just starting or a pro player, you can count on a Big Cat Cue. It will give you a fantastic playing experience. Aslo, Big Cat is known for its high-quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and dedication to the billiard industry, offering the best price to quality ratio.

If you want to choose a good pool cue, Big Cat is your one-stop brand for all your cue needs, offering multiple products and services to match your style and preferences.

Pearson Cue

best pool cues 2024

Pearson Cues is well-known for its legendary pool collection, quickly becoming one of the best pool cue brands out there. It offers top-notch pool sticks for quality, strength, and winning spirit.

It specializes in premium cues for professional and casual players, featuring a mix of traditional and modern designs within a medium to high price range.

Founded by Dave Pearson, a pool enthusiast and Guinness World Record holder, the brand reflects his love for the game. Dave's dedication to quality can show in every cue he designs and tests.


pool stick brands

Established in 1989, Cuetec has marked a firm position in the billiards world. Based in China, the brand offers a diverse cue range with prices ranging from $100 to $1000.

Renowned for its Truewood cues, Cuetec excels in innovation, notably with its carbon fiber cues. Whether you lean towards the classic Cuetec cue or the combined excellence of Canadian Maple and a composite carbon fiber shaft, Cuetec covers all.

This brand offers the best pool sticks that stand out in their traditional and modern technologies, giving smooth action and unparalleled accuracy shots.

Cuetec cue is suitable for everyone, especially since it is the best pool cue brand for advanced players, thanks to its versatility.


best pool stick brands

Founded in 1965 in the United States, Viking has been among the best cue stick brands for over 50 years, earning a spot among the best pool stick brands with prices from $50 to more than $2000.

Their innovative approach and top-notch craftsmanship, highlighted by the Viking Quick Release joint, solidify their position as industry leaders.

Each Viking cue reflects their unwavering commitment to quality, boasting perfect balance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, with Viking cue, you can confidently overcome any challenges the game faces.


cue stick brands

Meucci, founded by Bob Meucci in 1975 in the US, has been a long presence in the billiards community for almost five decades.

With a primary focus on power and consistency, it has built a legacy of crafting affordable cues (less than $1000), ideal for players ranging from new enthusiasts to intermediate skill levels.

Meucci Cue is distinguished by impeccable craftsmanship, significantly enhancing your gameplay stability.

The Hall of Fame and Gambler series from this cue stick brand continues in popularity, a test of time for appeal and quality. Meucci constantly updates their products with the latest sports innovations through continuous testing and refinement to give new advancements to all.


top pool cue brands

Pechauer has been a name since 1963 in the US. With a price range of $340 – $3000, it offers exceptional customer service and a diverse lineup. From JP and Pro Series to exclusive Brett Favre Limited Edition Cue, Pechauer Cue is known for its quality workmanship.

Every cue reflects Pechauer's commitment to meeting individual players' needs. Their website sets them apart with clear visuals, detailed information, and user-friendly navigation—a rarity in the industry.

Pechauer Cue is generally well-built, delivers exceptional accuracy, and carries the hallmark of a brand synonymous with excellence in the field.


best pool sticks

Founded in 1982 by David and Shane Jacoby, Jacoby Cue is meticulously handcrafted in the USA, offering a price range from $340 to $2500.

Known for their exceptional custom cues tailored to your specifications, Jacoby stands out with diverse materials, ensuring each cue stick is a unique masterpiece built to the highest standards.

For those seeking a personalized cue experience, Jacoby is a top choice.

Backed by world-class customer reviews, their made-to-order cues are a worthwhile investment, allowing you to adjust the design and feel at every stage of development.

Jacoby Pool Cue is committed to craftsmanship and performance, and it sets a high standard for excellence as the most reliable cue brand.


best pool cue brands

Since its inception in 1975, McDermott has proudly crafted cues in the USA. Its best pool sticks are priced between $325 and $2950, ranging to vast preferences and budgets.

This is a brand of customizable, handmade pool cues for players. The cue brand uses exotic woods to deliver eye-catching aesthetics and top-notch performance.

Crafted with precision and subjected to careful testing, McDermott Cue is purposely crafted for a timeless quality, solidified by a comprehensive lifetime guarantee.

Also, McDermott offers a custom pool cue service with many options, including 16 exotic woods. That creates truly unique, one-of-a-kind cues tailored to individual preferences.


best pool cue brand

Predator, originating in 1994 under Allan McCarty and Steve Titus, produces cues in China with a pricing spectrum ranging from $380 to $4200.

A game-changer in the industry, Predator Cue introduced the 314 low-deflection shaft, revolutionizing gameplay.

Considered one of the most innovative brands in billiards, this brand is the top choice for professional players. If other brands have suitable cues for beginners or intermediate, this brand actively collaborates with top-notch players to give the best cue performance.


best pool stick brands

Lucasi, started by Jim Lucas in 1996, is a cue brand from China, with prices ranging from $150 to $650.

Lucasi stands out thanks to their careful artistry. It uses premium wood type, treating and curing each piece for two years before turning it into a cue. It not only offers affordable prices but is also high-tech and well-crafted.

Moreover, Laser technology ensures each cue is perfect for accurate shots, and the cue brand adds a leather or Irish linen wrap for a solid grip.

The brand has decades of showing a solid commitment to quality. Despite the website needing an update, you're still getting a cue for an affordable price.


top rated pool cues

Founded in 1968 by Dan Janes, Joss is a superb cue brand made in the USA, with prices ranging from $350 to $3900.

You might recognize Joss's Cue from the movie "The Color Of Money," showing how popular it is among the best cue stick brands

This brand isn't just for the pros; it's also for beginners. Each cue is carefully handmade, giving it a special touch.

Famous folks like Minnesota Fats, Mike Sigel, Paul Newman, and Tom Cruise chose Joss Cue, showing its firm position in the industry. 


best rated pool cues

OB opened in 2005 as a brand from the USA, and its prices go from $275 to $425.

OB's best pool sticks deliver exceptional value with its hardwood or carbon fiber shaft. What sets them apart is their remarkably lower tip-end mass, significantly reducing ball deflection.

OB's torrefaction process is noteworthy, baking wood in an oxygen-free environment to make it lighter and denser—an ideal material for cue-making.

The brand features innovations like the Straight Line Core for a straighter and more stable cue. Also, it uses the Centralized Balanced System for optimal weight distribution. OB Cue is precision-engineered and is a good choice for any pool player.

Additionally, OB cues have a lifetime warpage guarantee and provide customization options for tip size, shaft type, and hit preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best pool cues on the market?

Determining the "best" pool cue is subjective and depends on individual preferences, playing style, and budget. Some of the top pool cue brands in the market include Big Cat, Predator, Meucci, McDermott, and many others.

The ideal cue is to feel comfortable, suit your playing style, and fall within your budget. Try out different pool cues, read reviews, and consider factors like construction materials, pool cue weights, and design.

Which cue is best for the pool?

Big Cat Cue is considered the best brand for this purpose. It is a pool cue brand that offers diverse cue types to fit all personal needs. From style, design, player levels, and price range, every cue in Big Cat can serve well.

It is not only a cue for enhancing gameplay but also the one to inspire you to the table. Big Cat Cue gives beginners, intermediate, and advanced players vast choices, making it the perfect cue for everyone.

How much should you spend on a good pool cue?

The amount you should spend on a good pool cue can vary depending on your level of expertise, preferences, and budget. Generally, you can find good-quality pool cues under $200 and $500. For more advanced players or those seeking higher-end materials and craftsmanship, look for cue sticks in the $500 to $1,000 range or even beyond.

Regardless of your budget, try out different cues and consider factors like weight and balance to ensure they align with your preferences and playing style.

In summary, the "12 Best Pool Cue Brands: Top-Rated In 2024 brings a diverse choice for pool players, blending tradition and innovation. Whether you're a pro or a casual player, these top-rated cues cater to all.

With cutting-edge technology and timeless craftsmanship, these brands ensure you find a cue that enhances your game and complements your style. Step into the world of the best pool cues in 2024 and take your game to the next level.

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