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10 Most Expensive Pool Cue In The World (2024 Review)

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Many beginners can start playing pool at little cost. However, professional players spend a lot of money on the most expensive pool cues. This is because these pool cues can enhance their gameplay experience significantly.

Therefore, if you're fascinated by the appeal of high-end pool cues and want to find the best for advanced players, this is your ultimate guide. We researched the most expensive pool cues currently on trend and created a list of the top 11 most costly cues money you should buy. We hope you find these helpful!

Below Are the Top 11 Most Expensive Pool Cues.

Pool Cue Name



Big Cat Paint IV Regal Amethyst

  • Premium Canadian Maple
  • Interchangeable Weights 
  • Professional Leather Tip 


Big Cat Timeless Legacy VI

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Solid Canadian Maple Shaft and Butt


Pearson by Jacoby – Limited Edition – Bocote Green

  • South American Bocote wood
  • Green and Abalone diamond accents.


Pearson by Jacoby – Limited Edition – White Buffalo

  • Distinctive white buffalo inlays.
  • The stylish Abalone accents.


Purple Reign Pool Cue by Thomas Wayne

  • Sterling silver accents
  • Elaborate construction and balancing


Cabochon Sapphire and Wood Pool Cue

  • Snakeskin grip
  • Mastodon ivory base
  • Gold-covered base cap


Sky Blue Richard Black Pool Cue

  • Complicatedly patterned butt
  • Matching shafts.


Bill Schick Pool Cue

  • Ebony butt
  • Forearm having amboyna burl wood
  • White inlays


Ginacue by Ernie Gutierrez

  • Being handmade with a silver veneer
  • Signature-engraved butt.


Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition #1

  • Superior craftsmanship and materials
  • Meticulously attentive to details


Arthur Cue

  • Luxurious silver veneer


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Big Cat Paint IV Regal Amethyst

expensive pool sticks

Are you looking for high-end pool cues at an affordable price? The Big Cat Paint IV Regal Amethyst pool cue is an excellent option for amateur and experienced players. This cue features a 5/16 x 18 joint/pin, ensuring a stable connection for better control during gameplay. 

Moreover, a Big Cat Professional Leather tip, sized at 12.5mm, provides excellent precision and control over each shot. Big Cat Paint IV Regal Amethyst pool cue is durable and made from high-grade Canadian Maple. It offers a smooth playing experience for players. What are you waiting for? Collect this pool cue and transform your pool game experience now.

Why Is This Cue Expensive?

  • The unique, artistic designs inspired by paintbrush strokes are visually impressive and likely require more complicated manufacturing processes. 
  • High-quality materials with Canadian Maple offer durability and performance for pool players.

Big Cat Timeless Legacy VI

most expensive pool stick

Big Cat Timeless Legacy VI, made with modern techniques, offers exceptional durability for pool players at all levels. Made from advanced Canadian Maple, they withstand breaks and scratches, ensuring lasting quality. 

Each cue features the renowned Big Cat premium leather tip and an elegant white/gray handle, adding sophistication to its classic design. With Timeless Legacy, you can expect a pool cue that lasts and enhances your performance at every level.

Why Is This Expensive?

  • Big Cat Timeless Legacy VI is made with a blend of modern and traditional techniques. This level of craftsmanship ensures a high-quality product and adds to the cue's cost.
  • Made from advanced Canadian Maple, a material known for its durability and resistance. This high-quality wood contributes to the cue's longevity and price.

Pearson by Jacoby – Limited Edition – Bocote Green.

Pearson by Jacoby – Limited Edition – Bocote Green is a harmonious blend of elegance and performance designed for players seeking style and efficiency.

Carbon Clear Shaft is the outstanding feature of this pool cue. This shaft promises exceptional strength and stability, ensuring precise and powerful shots for pool players. Using carbon fiber in the post enhances performance and improves the cue's sleek and modern appearance.

most expensive pool cues

Pearson by Jacoby – Limited Edition – Bocote Green. Image via Pearson Cues

Whether you're playing a delicate touch shot or a powerful break, the Sniper Tip is an excellent weapon for your gameplay.

Why Is This Expensive?

  • This cue is not mass-produced as a limited edition item, making it more exclusive and desirable. These items typically require higher prices due to their uniqueness and rarity.
  • The shaft is made from carbon fiber, a material known for its strength and stability. This technology enhances its performance and contributes to its modern and sleek appearance. 

Pearson by Jacoby –Laminate Blue or Orange

Discover the Pearson by Jacoby - Laminate Blue or Orange, a meticulously crafted pool cue for amateur players. Weighing a comfortable 19 oz and having a 29-inch shaft made from Canadian Maple, this cue provides excellent balance and control. Moreover, it also features a Uni-Loc joint and pin for quick, reliable assembly and disassembly. 

most expensive pool cue in the world

Pearson by Jacoby Laminate Blue or Orange. Image via Pearson Cues

This limited edition cue is designed for players who desire style, functionality, and a superior playing experience. Pearson by Jacoby Laminate Blue or Orange will be a great choice if you  are finding the best pool cues for beginners.

Why Is This Expensive?

  • This cue features a Uni-Loc joint and pin, renowned for their reliability and convenience. The Uni-Loc system is a premium feature often found in high-end cues.
  • Tiger Everest Tip is known for its exceptional control and consistency. This tip is a popular choice among professional players for its superior quality.

Purple Reign Pool Cue by Thomas Wayne

The Purple Reign Pool Cue by Thomas Wayne is a limited edition cue released in 2005. It is a beautiful cue made from purple heartwood and features complicated mother-of-pearl and abalone inlays. The cue is also signed by Thomas Wayne himself. 

high end pool cues

Purple Reign Pool Cue by Thomas Wayne. Image via Cornerstone Custom Cues 

Still, the pool cue's sterling silver accents are not only the most outstanding feature regarding its elaborate construction and balancing. That makes it the highest-performance pool cue ever crafted. The Purple Reign Pool Cue is a great collector's item and a must-have for any serious pool player. 

Why is this pool cue expensive?

  • It costs high because of its intricate engineering and exceptional quality.
  • Besides, Thomas Wayne's reputation also influences this cue's price as Wayne is famous for making innovative cues.

Cabochon Sapphire and Wood Pool Cue

Finding a more wonderful option than the Cabochon Sapphire and Wood pool cue is challenging. A cabochon sapphire and wood pool cue is a luxury pool cue that features a cabochon sapphire gemstone embedded in the cue's butt or handle. 

world most expensive pool cue

Cabochon Sapphire and Wood pool cue. Image via Pearson Cues

The cue is typically made from high-quality wood like ebony, maple, or rosewood. The cabochon sapphire adds an elegant and sophisticated design to the cue and can also be a valuable investment. Therefore, players who want to find the best intermediate pool cue will be suitable for this option.

Why Is This Expensive

  • Materials like mastodon ivory and gold in their construction are a significant factor. These materials are not only rare and costly but also add a level of luxury and exclusivity to the cue.
  • Snakeskin grip is another aspect that adds to its cost. This grip type is uncommon and likely involves a complex integration process into the cue design, increasing its value.

Bill Schick Pool Cue

If you love fame builder Bill Schick, one of the most experienced cue makers, you can spend over twenty thousand dollars for this pool cue. Suppose you also desire to own the pool cue of a professional pool player. In that case, you can choose this great cue with an ebony butt and forearm having amboyna burl wood and white inlays.

Why is this pool cue expensive?

  • Pool players tend to talk friendly and informally about pool cues brands.
  • These chats help spread the news about first-rate cue makers and assist Bill Schick partly in becoming famous.
  • Likewise, Bill Schick often sells thousand pool cues because of their quality and craftsmanship. That's why this cue is highly costly.

Ginacue by Ernie Gutierrez

If you desire the most expensive pool cues, you can choose the Ginacue. It is handmade with a silver veneer and a signature-engraved butt. This pool cue is the work of Ernie Gutierrez, a well-respected cue maker worldwide.

world most expensive pool cue

Ginacue. Image via Recollection Cue

Also, people appreciated Ernie Gutierrez's cues. So, their limited number increases their value and makes them a rare and unique item.

Why is this pool cue expensive?

  • It is expensive because of its high quality and uniqueness.
  • Only a limited pool cues supply exists nowadays because Ernie Gutierrez is no longer crafting them.
  • So these cues are rare items, and the sellers can put extraordinarily high prices for them.

Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition

As we are coming closer to the most expensive pool cue in the world,, one of the most expensive pool cues you should know is Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition. This is only one of these three custom cues for sale on the market. The third pool cue in the collection is the property of a wealthy collector. The second pool cue is a part of the Smithsonian's collection. Unfortunately, it is the rarest cue in the world and is not likely to be sold on the market.

most expensive cue stick

Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition. Image source: eBay

On the other hand, the first cue in the collection is for sale. In truth, it price is $60,000 on eBay.

Why is this pool cue expensive?

  • Almost all artists, professionals, and collectors hope to own this historical piece because of the Smithsonian's reputation.
  • These products are expensive because they are known for superior craftsmanship, materials, and meticulous attention to detail.

Arthur Cue

Arthur Cue is the most expensive pool stick in the world. It is a renowned German cue maker for crafting exquisite, high-performance billiard cues. Their cues are meticulously handcrafted using premium materials, providing exceptional balance, precision, and aesthetic appeal.

top 10 most expensive pool cues

Arthur Cue. Image source: Cornerstone Custom Cues 

Arthur Cue cues are highly sought by pool enthusiasts and collectors, often costing top prices due to their limited availability and exceptional craftsmanship. It's a one-of-a-kind piece worthy of a museum or private collection, which may be why it costs $75,000. However, how can this be world most expensive pool cue

Why is this pool cue expensive?

  • Marcus Dienst is one of the most well-known German pool cue crafters and created this cue. That makes it worth much more than anything.
  • However, this stunning pool cue is also worth the money because of its silver veneer and handmade greatness.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the most expensive pool sticks?

  • The McDermott Intimidator Masterpiece Cue: This one-of-a-kind cue is made from solid stainless steel. It also has a Genuine Italian Obsidian Gemstone Sphere at the base. The cue is priced at $150,000.
expensive cue sticks

McDermott Intimidator Masterpiece Cue. Image via McDermott Cue

  • Arthur Cues: Arthur Cues are handcrafted by Marcus Dienst, a German cue maker known for his detailed craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials. Arthur Cues are expensive because of their playability, balance, and aesthetics. They are often used by professional and amateur pool players alike.
expensive pool cue

Arthur Cue. Image via Cornerstone Custom Cues

  • Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition: The Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition cue is a highly exclusive and luxurious custom pool cue, with only three units ever made. One of these cues is currently for sale for $60,000 on eBay.

What is the best cue in the world?

Knowing how to choose pool cues with high quality is important. Determining the "best" pool cue is subjective and depends on individual preferences and playing styles. However, the Big Cat Paint Brush is a favorite among professional players, renowned for its balance, consistency, and power. Made from high-grade A Canadian Maple, The Big Cat Paint IV Regal Amethyst pool cue is durable and offers a smooth playing experience, making it the best choice for everyone.

Which Cue Is Best For A Pool?

The best pool cue depends on your preferences, playing style, and budget. Regarding length, most adult players will be best suited to a standard-length 57-inch cue, although a 48-inch cue is also perfectly good for most adults and older children. 

If you travel to play, then a 2-piece or 3-piece cue might be ideal. This will make it easier to transport your cue. However, if you play at home, a 1-piece cue could be the best. This is because 1-piece cues are typically more durable and have a better feel

What makes a pool stick expensive?

Besides the famous pool cue brand factor, the cost of a pool cue can vary significantly. Here are some key elements that contribute to a pool stick being expensive:

  • Materials
  • Craftsmanship
  • Design and Aesthetics
  • Brand Reputation
  • Limited Availability
  • Customizations

As we conclude our journey through luxury billiards, it's clear that the most expensive pool cue is more than a tool; it's an elegance and precision symbol. Each cue we've explored is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, embodying the pinnacle design and functionality. They are not just sports equipment but an investment in art and excellence, elevating pool games to an extraordinary level of sophistication and style.

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