how to move a pool table

How to Safely Move a Pool Table in 11 Steps

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Moving a pool table is not easy. It takes careful planning and precise execution. Pool players know that moving this heavy piece of equipment requires strategic steps to keep it safe and protect the surrounding area. 

Therefore, understanding how to move a pool table is more beneficial than relying solely on strength. This process also entails understanding the table's structure, balance, and the logistics of moving it. This article will explore this complex process and provide valuable safety tips on moving a pool table.

9 Tools To Use in Moving A Pool Table

You must have the appropriate tools before moving a pool table. Pool tables are heavy, bulky, and often intricately assembled, requiring a special moving method. Here are nine essential tools to consider when moving a pool table:

  • Power drill
  • Socket wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Dollies
  • Moving blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Staple remover
  • Carpenter's level
moving a pool table

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    In addition to these tools, you may also want to have the following items on hand:

    • Gloves
    • Safety glasses
    • Rope or straps

    Please notice that this is just a general list of necessary tools and supplies. The specific tools and supplies you need may vary depending on your pool table size and the distance you are moving.

    11 Steps To Move A Pool Table Around The House

    Knowing how to move a pool table around the house properly is not easy. This guide will show you ten simple steps, making it easy for anyone to follow.

    Step 1: Acquire Four Wooden Dollies

    Wooden dollies are useful tools when moving a pool table. They make lifting and transporting the table easier and mitigate the risks connected with the manual handling of heavy objects. 

    how to move a pool table upstairs

    Wooden dolly. Image via Amazon

    Step 2: Position Your Equipment

    • Place one dolly under each corner of the pool table.
    • Ensure that you put the dollies in the center, under the legs of the pool table.
    • Use straps to secure the pool table to the dollies.
    • Clear the area around the pool table so that no objects get stuck in the dolly wheels.

    Proper positioning of the dollies is critical for the balanced lifting and transporting of the heavy pool table. These preparatory steps lay the groundwork for a successful, efficient, and, most importantly, safe move of your pool table to its new location.

    Step 3: Lift One End of Your Pool Table.

    Lifting a pool table can be challenging but easier with the right approach and a helping hand. To lift one end of your pool table, follow these steps:

    • Stand at one end of the pool table with your feet shoulder-width apart.
    • Bend down and grab the edge of the pool table with both hands.
    • Keep your back straight and lift with your legs, not your back.
    • Tilt the pool table off the ground from one of the longer sides.

    how do i move a pool table

      Image via Rec Room Pick

      If the pool table is too heavy to lift alone, ask somebody for help. Have them stand at the pool table's other end and grab the edge with both hands.

      Step 4: Move Your Dollies Into Place.

      • If you are working alone, place the dolly under the pool table leg with your foot and push it into place. Be careful not to overexert yourself or drop the pool table.
      • If you have somebody to support you, have them roll the dolly under the pool table leg.
      • Repeat this process for both legs of the end of the pool table.

      how to take a pool table apart

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        Safety tip: Do not lift the pool table if you are uncomfortable doing so. It is better to hire a professional pool table mover to do it for you.

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        Step 5: Brace Your Dollies

        • Most dollies have lockable wheels. To lock the wheels, step on the brake pedal located on the dolly.
        • Place an object to jam the wheels. If your dollies are not lockable, you can stop the wheels by placing an object in front of them, such as a wedge of wood.
        • Once the dollies are braced, you can safely raise the other end of the pool table.

          Step 6: Lift The Other End of Your Pool Table Into a Raised Position

          • Stand at the end of the pool table that is opposite the dollies.
          • Bend at the knees and place your hands on the underside of the pool table, near the legs.
          • Lift the pool table smoothly and steadily until the legs are a few inches off the ground.
          • Keep your back straight and lift with your legs.

            Once the pool table is lifted,  check if the dollies are within foot reach or that your friend is ready to slide them into place. Ensure your partner stands facing you on the other side of the pool table.

            Step 7: Free Your Braced Dollies and Prepare to Roll

            • If you locked the wheels, unlock them.
            • If you use wood wedges to jam the wheels, remove the wedges.
            • Measure all doors that you'll have to pass through
            • Use a tape measure to calculate the width of each door.
            • Compare the doors' width to your pool table's width.
            • If the pool table is wider, you must find a different route or disassemble the pool table.
            how to move a heavy pool table

              Image via Rec Room Pick 

              Once you have completed these steps, you can place your pool table to its new location.

              Step 8: Apply Firm, Steady Pressure

              • Push it slowly and carefully.
              • Use firm, steady pressure.
              • Avoid letting the pool table gain too much speed because stopping will be difficult.

              If you have a friend, you can ask them to push the pool table from opposite corners of the same side. If you are alone, push it from the end of the long side, between the two corner pockets like this.

              how to move a pool table by yourself

              Image via Youtube

              The pool table is heavy, and difficult to turn corners. Please take this into account when moving it through your home.

              Step 9: Brace The Set Of Dollies

              • To brace a set of dollies, lock the wheels or place a wedge of wood in front of them to prevent them from rolling.
              • Once the dollies are braced, remove the dollies on the opposite side of the pool table.
              • Before you remove the table from the dollies, make sure you know how you will move it next. The pool table will be easier to move with the dollies.

                Step 10: Remove The dollies From The Pool Tables

                If you are working with a friend:

                • You can ask your friend to stand on the opposite side of the pool table.
                • Both of you lift the pool table from the middle of the long side.
                • Have your friend quickly pull the dollies free.
                • Carefully lower the pool table to the ground.

                  If you are working alone:

                  • Stand on the side of the pool table where the dollies are.
                  • Kick the dollies free with your foot.
                  • Slowly and carefully lower the pool table to the ground.

                  how to move a pool table down stairs

                    Image via LoadUp Junk Removal

                    Once the dollies have been removed from one side of the pool table, you can unlock the wheels of the dollies on the opposite side and draw them in the same way.

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                    11 Steps To Move A Pool Table To A New House

                    Have you been struggling with how to move a pool table to a new house? No worry! This guide will walk you through the entire process to ensure that your pool table arrives at its new home in perfect condition.

                    Step 1: Remove The Pockets

                    • Lie on your back under the table, but not directly under a pocket to prevent a staple from falling into your eye.
                    • Use a flathead screwdriver or staple puller to pry the staples out of the pocket.
                    • Repeat the above steps for all of the pockets.

                    how to move a pool table without taking it apart

                      Image via Offerup

                      Please be careful when moving a pool table. It is a heavy and delicate object, so it is essential to use proper lifting techniques and safety precautions.

                      Step 2: Detach The Rails

                      • Utilize a socket wrench to remove the bolts that hold the rails to the table.
                      • Slide each rail free.
                      • If you attach the rails in sections, find a helper to flip them over and disconnect them.
                      • Once the rails have been detached, you can move the pool table more quickly.

                      how to properly move a pool table

                        Image via GCL

                        Step 3: Free The Felt

                        • If the felt is held in place by staples, use a staple puller to remove the staples. Be careful not to damage the felt.
                        • If the felt is glued down, gently pull it backward, never upwards or forward. Be careful not to rip it.
                        • If you reuse the felt, fold it up to prevent wrinkles.

                        how to move pool table across room

                          Image via Pearson Cues

                          Step 4: Separate The Slate From The Table

                          • Identify the screws holding the slate in place, which are typically at the table corners but may also be found along the sides and center beam.
                          • If the screws are complete with beeswax, scrape it off with a flathead screwdriver, which will help to prevent the screws from stripping when you remove them.
                          • Use a power drill with the appropriate bit to remove the screws. Be careful not to damage the slate while unscrewing it.

                            Once you have removed the screw, the slate should be free to lift from the table frame. Be careful when lifting the slate, as it is cumbersome and easily damaged.

                            Step 5: Place The Slate In Your Vehicle.

                            • Carefully lift the slate off the pool table legs and set it in your vehicle. 
                            • If the slate is in three pieces, you can stack the pieces on top of each other. 
                            • Once the slate is in the vehicle, secure it with straps or tie-downs to prevent it from shifting.

                            how to move a pool table easily

                              Image via AzBilliards Forums 

                              However, if you want to protect the slate from damage, here are some tips:

                              • Wrap the slate in a blanket, drop cloth, or other covering.
                              • Place the slate in a padded container, such as a moving box or furniture dolly.
                              • Secure the slate in place with straps or tie-downs.
                              • It is important to note that slate is delicate and easily damaged. Be sure to take all necessary precautions when transporting and handling the slate.

                                Step 6: Remove The Legs

                                1. Use a power drill with the appropriate bit to remove the screws holding the legs. Please note not to damage the frame while unscrewing the legs.
                                2. Once the screws are removed, the legs should be free to lift off the frame. Be careful when lifting the legs, as they can be heavy and difficult to maneuver.

                                Step 7: Load The Frame

                                • Carefully place the frame on top of the slate in your vehicle. You should have someone help you lift the edge, as it can be heavy and difficult to maneuver.
                                • If you have a table with lacquered wood, wrap the finished surfaces with a drop cloth or other padding to protect them from damage.

                                  Step 8: Transport The Pool Table to Its New Home

                                  • Load the remaining parts into your transport vehicle.
                                  • Be careful not to overload the car.
                                  • Secure the parts so they do not move around during transport.
                                  • Scope out the new location.

                                  how to move pool table across room

                                    Image via Ship A Car

                                    Step 9: Scope Out The New Location

                                    • Measure the room to make sure that the pool table will fit comfortably.
                                    • Clear the area where you will set up the pool table and the path to that room.
                                    • Remove easily stripped obstacles, such as throw rugs or cords.

                                      Step 10: Rebuild The Table In Reverse Order

                                      • Start with the frame and legs.
                                      • Reassemble the table in reverse order of disassembly.
                                      • Take great care when assembling the table; improper installation can leave it unlevel and affect your game.
                                      • For specific issues dealing with leveling, warping, and cracked or damaged slate, please see the section on troubleshooting.

                                        Step 11: Place The Slate

                                        • Ensure that the slate pieces are not damaged and fit together neatly.
                                        • Check the dowel pins that connect the pieces to ensure they are not bent or warped.
                                        • Slide the three pieces of slate together with the proper connectors between them.
                                        • Carefully lift the assembled slate and place it on the table.

                                        how do you move a pool table

                                          Image via Golden West Billiards 

                                          When placing the slate, there will be some dangerous situations that you may face. Here are some tips to pay attention:

                                          • Be careful not to get your hands caught between pieces of slate, which can cause serious injury to your hands and fingers.
                                          • If you are having trouble lifting the slate, get help from a friend.
                                          •  Pay attention not to drop the slate because it is a heavy and fragile pool table material.

                                          Frequently Asked Questions

                                          Can I Move A Pool Table Without Taking It Apart?

                                          Moving a pool table without taking it apart is possible, but it is not recommended. Pool tables are heavy and bulky. Therefore, attempting to move one without proper disassembly can damage the table, wasting a huge pool table cost.

                                          Can You Move A Pool Table By Yourself?

                                          Yes, but it would be dangerous. Pool tables are heavy and bulky, and attempting to move one without proper disassembly and assistance can lead to damage to the table, the property, or even injuries to yourself.

                                          The average pool table weighs between 700 and 1,000 pounds, and some can weigh even more. Even if you are a strong person, it is difficult and dangerous to try to lift and move a pool table by yourself.

                                          Moving a pool table is not just a difficult task but a skill that requires careful planning and expertise. The key steps are to disassemble the table, package and protect the pieces, and load them onto a moving truck for transport to your new home. If you are uncomfortable moving the table, hire professional pool table movers. 

                                          Hopefully, after enjoying this article, pool player enthusiasts will better understand how to move a pool table

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