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How To Assemble Pool Table? Pool Table Setup Guide and Extra Tips

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Pool table installation might seem challenging, but you can set up one in a few hours with the right tools, instructions, and patience. To make it easier, we will show you how to assemble pool table in 7 steps.

We will also give you some tips for a perfect pool table setup, so read on and start making your dream table.

10 Tools Required for Pool Table Installation

The average cost of a pool table is around $1,200 to $3,500. This investment is a great way to bring the excitement of playing pool into your home. 

However, a pool table is just the beginning. To enjoy the game, you'll need to learn how to assemble it correctly. Before starting, make sure that you have the following tools ready:

  1. Beeswax
  2. Billiard cloth
  3. Drill machine
  4. Leveler
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Paint scraper
  7. Propane blowtorch
  8. Screwdriver (Phillips and flat head)
  9. Socket wrench
  10. Stapler

Keep these tools close at hand as you begin assembling the table.

How To Assemble Pool Table in 7 Steps

how to assemble pool table

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Once you've prepared all the needed tools, let's go through the process to set up your pool table perfectly for fun games. Here are the 7 steps that you need to follow to assemble your pool table:

Step 1: Find Space For Your Pool Table

The first step is to find a suitable location for your pool table. You must consider the size of your pool table and the space around it for playing. 

The ideal space is where you have at least five feet of clearance on each side of the table to use your pool cue comfortably and avoid hitting any walls or furniture. Also, ensure that the floor is level and stable and that the room has enough lighting and ventilation.

Step 2: Remove Packaging

how to assemble a pool table

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Knowing how to assemble a pool table is essential for anyone looking to enjoy a game of billiards at home. So, don't hesitate to move on to the next step: removing the packaging from your pool table parts. A package usually includes these parts:

  • A frame or cabinet
  • The legs
  • The slates
  • The rails
  • The felt or cloth
  • The pockets

We recommend you check each part carefully for any damage or defect and contact the seller if you find any. Keep the instructions manual handy to achieve the best results, as it will guide you through the assembly process.

Step 3: Attach Legs And Frame

The third step is to attach the legs to the frame or cabinet of the pool table. Depending on the model of your pool table, the legs may be pre-attached or separate. 

If they are separate, attach them to the frame using bolts or screws, following the instruction manual. Otherwise, you just need to flip the frame over and place it on the legs. 

pool table assembly

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Our assembling tip is to use a carpenter's level to check and ensure that the frame is level and even on all sides.

Step 4: Place The Slates

After attaching the legs, place the slates on the frame. The slates are the flat pieces of stone that form the playing surface of the pool table. They are usually heavy and fragile, so you need to handle them with care and support. 

Each pool table size will require one, three, or more slates. For those with more than one slate, align the slates with a chalk line or string, and secure them with bolts or screws. 

Step 5: Felt The Table

Here comes the fifth step: felting the table. The felt or cloth covers the slates and provides a smooth and consistent playing surface. Therefore, choosing a pool table with high-quality materials is crucial for the best play experience.

First, you must spread the felt over the slates, ensuring no wrinkles or bubbles. Then, attach the felt to the slates with a staple gun or glue, following the instructions manual. 

how long does it take to assemble a pool table

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Remember to start from the center and work outwards while stretching and smoothing the felt. Also, trim any excess felt with a razor blade or scissors. 

Over time, this felt may wear out or get damaged, then affect your game's quality. Thus, check out our detailed guidelines on refelting a pool table to keep your playing surface in top condition. 

Step 6: Place The Rails

Now that you've finished covering the table with felt, it's time to put on the rails. Following the seller's manual for this step is a good idea, as it ensures the rails fit perfectly. When the wood fits snugly, the corners will be just right.

how to assemble contender pool table

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Use beeswax on the edges before placing them in the rails to make things smoother. Make sure to fasten them securely using screws and bolts. You can use a drill to tighten everything up if you have one.

Step 7: Complete With The Pockets

The last thing to do is add the pockets. Once you've followed the steps correctly, the holes for the pockets will already be there (from when you attached the felt). Ensure the pockets are in the right spots and securely screw them in.

And that's all! Double-check if the table is level and your pool table is ready to play.

4 Extra Tips For Perfect Pool Table Setup

pool tables installation

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Now you know how to assemble pool tables, we want to share some extra tips to help you achieve a perfect pool table setup:

  1. Before you assemble your gaming table, clean the slates and the felt with a soft cloth or brush. This step will remove any dust or dirt that affects the playing quality.
  2. After assembling, you should let the felt settle for a few days. This period allows your table to avoid stretching or shrinking, which may cause wrinkles or bubbles.
  3. Check the level of your pool table regularly and adjust it if needed, using shims or wedges under the legs or the slates.
  4. Maintain your pool table properly by cleaning the felt and the balls regularly. Also, avoid any spills or stains that may damage the surface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I assemble a pool table myself?

Yes, you can assemble a pool table yourself with the right tools, instructions, and patience. However, you may also need extra helpers, as pool tables are heavy and bulky, and you may need help lifting or moving them. Besides, consider hiring a professional installer if you are not confident in pool table assembly.

Is it difficult to assemble a pool table?

The difficulty of assembling a pool table depends on its model and size, as well as your skill and experience level. 

Generally, this task is not simple, but also not impossible. Follow our guide on how to assemble pool tables, and take your time to do it right.

How much does it cost to assemble a pool table?

The cost of assembling a pool table varies based on the table’s model and size, your location and room condition, the availability and quality of the installer, etc.

Generally, depending on these factors, a pool table assembly can cost anywhere from $200 to $600. You may also need to pay extra for delivery, leveling, or accessories.


How to assemble pool tables can be an easy and enjoyable process with the right guidance and careful steps. Follow our comprehensive setup guide and extra tips to ensure a smooth process and a fantastic pool table setup. 

And now, ready to set up your perfect gaming space? Let's start assembling your pool table today!

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