Big Cat II Blue Black


SKU: P-PAN-2-18 Barcode: 850052455286

This top-of-the-line pool cue features a timeless classic design with a blue/black color scheme and a black handle, a style that will withstand the test of time. Big Cat 2 implements traditional crafting techniques focusing on durability and maintaining long-lasting performance.

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Weight: 18 oz

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Elevate your pool playing experience with our high-quality, durable collection of premium pool cues - Timeless Legacy! We implement unique crafting techniques that blend modern and traditional methods, focusing on durability to avoid breaks, scratches, or any damage, thanks to our advanced Canadian Maple materials. Our cues feature the esteemed Big Cat premium leather tip and a striking white/grey handle adding a touch of class to the classic design. Rest assured, these timeless-lasting pool cues will deliver performance throughout your playing journey.

At Big Cat Cues, we offer a range of innovative materials and various types of pool sticks, all dedicated to enhancing your gameplay. We provide stylish and uncompromising quality pool cues for sale at affordable prices, allowing customers with any size budget to easily own the best pool cue. With our cues, pool players can expect superior and durable billiard cues that will provide years of uninterrupted satisfaction. Unleash the power of the big cat with every shot in your pool game!



18 oz - 19 oz - 20 oz - 21 oz




5/16 x 18


Big Cat Professional Leather tip

Tip size



Canadian Maple


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Big Cat's Finest Quality Collection
  • Standard Weight & Length
  • Lightweight Aerospace Carbon
  • Grade A Canadian Maple 
  • Interchangeable Weights 



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